Sunday, 11 October 2009

Semneby met with KAFFED (Federation of Caucasian Associations in Turkey)

Circassian World - European Union Special Representative for South Caucasus Peter Semneby visited the KAFFED (Federation of Caucasian Associations) on October 8, 2009.

With the request of Delegation of the European Commission of Turkey the followings attended the meeting: Peter Semneby - The European Commission's Special Representative and Mark Fawcett Team Coordinator and Policy Advisor, Counselor Diego Mellado the European Commission Delegation to Turkey's Political and Press Department President, Helena Storm First Secretary of Embassy of Sweden, Cihan Candemir Chairman of Federation of Caucasian Associations, Erol Taymaz Vice President and Cumhur Bal General Coordinator.

At the meeting Adyghe-Abkhaz diaspora and the positions of the relations with Abkhazia, the embargo against Abkhazia, visa problems that citizens face with, the policy of European Union's to Abkhazia, demands of Diaspora and return subject, the status of refugees in Abkhazia and democratic developments in Turkey had been discussed interactively. The meeting was so effective and closed by plannig to continue similar ones and negotiations in coming days.

KAFFED is the largest and most influential North Caucasian umbrella organization of 58 active Caucasian associations in Turkey. KAFFED is a member of the International Circassian Association.

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