Friday, 16 April 2010

PACE to present a report after visiting Abkhazia and Georgia

April 16 -- After visiting Abkhazia and Georgia the representatives of the PACE promise to make a report which will be presented on the upcoming session, which will be held at the end of April, the sources report.

As the PACE reporter Matyas Eorsi stated the delegation had arrived at Sukhum “in order to get acquainted with the situation existing in the country after the events taken place in August 2008.”

“The report will be prepared according to whatever is seen or heard by us,” he has mentioned.

The OSCE delegation was received by president of Sergey Bagapsh. The head of the country has introduced to the situation in Abkhazia, as well as the disposition of the authorities concerning the normalization of the Georgian – Abkhazian relations.

The PACE members will also meet with the Prime Minister of Abkhazia Sergey Shamba and the foreign Minister Maxim Gvinjia.

Abkhaz passports for travel abroad will be issued to the citizens of Abkhazia from the beginning of summer

April 13, SUKHUM, ABKHAZIA -- Abkhaz passports for travel abroad will be issued to the citizens of Abkhazia from the beginning of summer. Today the leadership of Abkhazia has approved the layout of the Abkhaz passport for travel abroad made in Goznak.

On Tuesday, April13, the President Sergey Bagapsh held a meeting where the layout of the Abkhaz passport for travel abroad made by Goznak was discussed.

The meeting was attended by the Vice President Alexander Ankvab, the Speaker of the Parliament Nugzar Ashuba, the Vice PMs of the Government Leonid Lakerbaya, Daur Tarba, Beslan Kubrava and Alexander Stranichkin, the Minister for Foreign Affairs Maxim Gvindzhia, the Presidential Administration head Grigory Enik.

The Vice President Alexander Ankvab who is in charge of the passport design, presented a document layout to the meeting participants.

The Abkhaz passport for travel abroad consists of 36 pages with the cover of dark blue color. All pages of the passport are numbered; the State Emblem of the Republic of Abkhazia as well as water marks are printed on every page. The images of the Sukhum quay, Lake Ritsa, elements of ancient Abkhaz ornaments both hidden, which are not visible, and noticeable are used as a water mark original.

In the upper part of the cover’s face “Republic of Abkhazia” is printed by foil of silver color in the Abkhaz, Russian and English languages, in the lower part - the word "Passport" also in three languages, and the image of the State Emblem in the centre.

Personal data of the passport bearer is indicated on the last page: on the right, where the photo is pasted in, in the Russian and English languages. On the left separately – the surname, the given name and the patronymic of a citizen in the Abkhaz language and the signature of the bearer. All other texts in the passport are also in three languages.

“The passport is up to all international standards. It is made by Goznak with the use of all possible degrees of protection. It’s impossible to find fault with the passport from this viewpoint”, Ankvab stressed. “In my opinion, we can agree on this variant”.