Wednesday, 25 August 2010

“Foreign Policy of the Republic of Abkhazia: Results and Prospects'' Round Table Held in Sukhum

SUKHUM, August 24 -- “Foreign policy of the Republic of Abkhazia : results and prospects” is the subject of the “round table” organized by the foreign policy department of the Presidential Administration for the second anniversary of the recognition by Russia of Abkhazia's independence. Leading experts and politicians who had taken part in forming the foreign policy of Abkhazia, discussed the results of country's development from the point of view of its international situation and prospect of Abkhazia in the system of international relations.

“The recognition of independence of Abkhazia by Russia is a historical event which our nation has gone towards for many long years. The recognition of Abkhazia as a subject of international law appeared to be a very difficult process. The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev have said time and again, this decision has presented a problem for him, however, having recognized the independence of Abkhazia, Russia doesn't intend to renounce its decision and to reverse it to please somebody”, President Sergey Bagapsh said, opening the discussion. According to the head of state, “the recognition entails more obligations, rather than privileges”.

“The situation that has developed in the country and around it in connection with the recognition of independence, called for amending the domestic and foreign policy. The activity aimed at achieving the recognition of Abkhazia by other countries took on special significance”, Bagapsh said. “The last two years became the years of strengthening international positions of the Republic of Abkhazia”.

The President stressed the importance of further development of mutually beneficial cooperation between Abkhazia and Russia, being strategic partners and allies.

He also pointed to the increasing interest to Abkhazia in the world.

The President's foreign policy adviser Vyacheslav Chirikba, Prime Minister Sergey Shamba, the Ambassador of Russia to Abkhazia Semyon Grigoriev, the Minister for Foreign Affairs Maxim Gvindzhia, the director of the Center for Strategic Researches to the President Oleg Damenia, a Public Chamber member Natella Aqaba, an employee for the Center for Humanitarian Programs Liana Kvarchelia, an AGU associate professor, a candidate of Political Studies Irakly Hintba spoke about various aspects of the country's foreign policy.

The “round table” was also attended by Said Tarkil, Socrat Dzhindzholia, Leonid Lakerbaya, Konstantin Ozgan and Sergey Shamba, who have held office of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the republic. The hononary consul of Abkhazia to the Great Britain George Hewitt, Official Representatives of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Abkhazia to Germany and Turkey - Hibla Amichba and Vladimir Avidzba also participated in the discussion.

One of the participants, an Abkhaz State University associate professor, the head of the international relations chair Raul Khonelia offered the former heads of the foreign policy department of Abkhazia to write memoirs about their work.

“Your memoirs will be interesting to our young people. They want to know more about glorious, and at the same time dramatic pages of the history of the country”, he said.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A century ago - A general view of Sukhum, Abkhazia

Russia in color, a century ago - A general view of Sukhum, Abkhazia and its bay, seen sometime around 1910 from Cherniavskii Mountain. (Prokudin-Gorskii Collection)

Friday, 20 August 2010

PDF Ebooks on Abkhazia in Russian

- Iz Istorii Srednevekovoy Abkhazii (VI - XVII. Veka.)
Z. V. Anchabadze, Sukhum, 1959 [10.2 MB]

- Istoriya i Kultura Drevney Abkhazii
Z. V. Anchabadze, Moscow, 1964 [7.31 MB]

- Ocherki Istori Abkhazii 1910 - 1921
G. A. Dzidzariya, Tbilisi, 1963 [15 MB]

- Dekabriysti v Abkhazii
G. A. Dzidzariya, Sukhum, 1970 [2.44 MB]

- F.F. Tornaou I Ego Kavkazskie Materiali XIX Veka
G. A. Dzidzariya, 1976
[4.23 MB]


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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Medvedev: Abkhazia, S.Ossetia recognition ‘not a goal in itself’

August 3, (Kyiv Post) -- Russia would like other countries to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia, President Dmitry Medvedev said.

"We are interested in their recognition. But this is not a goal in itself. No such task has ever been set," Medvedev told journalists in Sochi.

On Minsk's position on this issue, Medvedev said that Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko had earlier declared plans to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia in the presence of leaders of some countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. "I solemnly declare, said Lukashenko, that I will do this very shortly," Medvedev said

Source: Kyiv Post