Saturday, 17 July 2010

Minister of Education considers expedient merger of some village schools

July 16, SUKHUM, Abkhazia -- The Minister of Education Indira Vardania declared.

Small schools work in 20 villages of the republic.

“There are villages with two, and at times - three schools, and the number of pupils does not exceed 70”, Vardania said.

The Minister of Education drew attention to the fact that in the village of Jashtkhua of the Sukhum district two schools with 118 pupils function today, in the village of Eshera there are two schools where no more than 20 pupils study. Two schools are in the village of Primorskoye of the Gudauta district, two schools with 70 pupils are in the village of Kulanurkhua, two schools are in the village of Pakuash of the Ochamchira district.

“We share the opinion of our intellectuals that a village lives until the school lives, but small schools are not a solution. Merger of schools in the country will make it possible to solve problems of shortage of teachers of some disciplines and equipping with training and material resources”, Indira Vardania believes.

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