Friday, 2 July 2010

Abkhazia Will Have to Live Under International Law - Sergey Bagapsh

July 1, SUKHUM, Abkhazia -- “Abkhazia is no longer as it has been before August, 2008 events. The international recognition of independence imposes heavy responsibility on us”, President Sergey Bagapsh said at a meeting with the “United Abkhazia” activists.

Abkhazia will have to live under international law. “All disputable issues including endless housing complaints must be settled as required by the law”, he said.

The head of state lays certain hopes on the judicial system reform, qualitative improvement of its work.

According to the President, he and other members of the government receive a lot of complaints about judges’ illegal decisions, officials’ utterly rude attitude, unsatisfactory work of law enforcement bodies, violations at the border, and insults to the people coming on vacation to Abkhazia.

The President also drew attention to violations at the Georgian-Abkhaz border. “The control check we have conducted has shown that money has been illegally taken from a man when he crossed the border on the river Ingur. Another shift has taken money from him when he came back”, Bagapsh said with indignation.

The President promised to establish order there till the end of his second term in office with support from his associates.

Touching upon the country’s budget, he said, the following year it would possibly increase for RUB 500 mln.

“We owe much to our people. Increase of the budget will give us the chance to increase their salaries, benefits and other social payments. First of all it applies to disabled veterans, orphans, mothers who have lost their sons. Our teachers’ salaries are inadmissibly low”, Bagapsh said. “At the expense of what can we boost salaries? Certainly, at the expense of the increase of the budget, at the expense of the development of economy, creation of industry, transit, re-export. And we have a lot of such programs.

Source: AbkhaziaGov.

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