Thursday, 14 April 2011

"Together against road accidents" social project

SUKHUM -- The "Together against road accidents" nation-wide social project starts on April 14. The project is carried out by the AQUAFON Company in partnership with the "Imaginarium" creative group with support from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia, the Republican drug abuse clinic, the Committee on Youth and Sports of the city of Sukhum, the "Ego-design" company, the "SOMA" radio, the "Riorita" radio and the "Lady Boss" magazine.

The purpose of the "Together against road accidents" project is to make it clear that each of us is responsible for what is happening on the roads of Abkhazia today, and that each of us must contribute to the struggle against this disease of today's life!

The project also aims at "reaching out to everyone driving a car that only the society in which driving even in a state of minimum alcoholic or narcotic intoxication meets with universal condemnation and results in an inevitable administrative liability has a happy future".

"The horrific number of accidents' victims is evidence of the fact that we must struggle against this disease of the society together and in every way possible. We need long-term projects aimed not only at forming the driver's self-consciousness, but also at developing the public mechanism, capable of stopping self-destruction of the nation", the project's authors believe.

"Our sons, brothers, fathers perish on the Psou-Ingur motorway! The average age of the killed on the roads is 25 - 40 years. Each of them made plans for the future and was the future of Abkhazia himself! We lose valuable lives of our small republic. Therefore, every time, getting into the car, remember: your children need an alive father! Your parents need an alive son!", the project's press release reads, in part.

Source: Apsny Press


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