Monday, 7 June 2010

Road Accidents in Abkhazia are a threat to the National Security - The United Abkhazia

June 6, SUKHUM, Abkhazia -- The United Abkhazia Republican Political Party addressed the public of the country warning about a threat to the national security in view of the situation on roads and increase of fatal road accidents.

“The Republic of Abkhazia is on a new stage of its development. The developed system of political and military guarantees of the state’s security makes it possible to focus common efforts on solving important problems of socio-economic development of the country, protection of life, health and property of the citizens, protection of their rights and legitimate interests”, a Statement from the Political Council of the United Abkhazia Republican Political Party says.

According to the Party, protection of interests of the society and the state by preventing road accidents and reducing gravity of aftereffects is of no small importance.

Road accidents in Abkhazia, according to the United Abkhazia, “can be considered as a threat to the national security as their victims are, as a rule, young and healthy people”.

According to the statistics, annually in the world 1, 2 million people die in road accidents and about 50 million sustain injuries.

According to State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia, 12 people died for 4 months of 2010, 42 died in 2009.

“We are extremely concerned about this tragical statistics. Taking into account population of the republic and road accident victims ratio we can speak about a threat impending over the future of the nation. Urgent, effective measures aimed at ensuring road safety must be taken. We must do the utmost to save our citizens’ lives”, the United Abkhazia addresses the public.

When analyzing road safety, according to the United Abkhazia, “we should differentiate between drivers’ responsibility for observing road regulations and state measures preventing road accidents”

Factors influencing road accident probability the road traffic participants are responsible for are:
• excess of the speed-limit,
• use of mobile phones when driving,
• non-use of safety belts,
• use of alcoholic beverages and other substances leading to relaxation of attention,
• insufficient standard of road regulations knowledge,
• low standard of culture and driving culture.

Among the necessary measures for preventing road accidents and reducing gravity of their aftereffects the state should take, the United Abkhazia names:
• installation of traffic lights at crossroads, signs and special obstacles, “sleeping policemen” and security cameras at the most unsafe road sections;
• crossing sings (zebras);
• timely reparation of roads;
• liquidation of spontaneous parking lots along roads;
• reparation of sidewalks;
• public control over driving license examinations;
• strict measures to traffic offenders;
• working out of a system program for preschool and general education institutions for studying road regulations and principles of personal and social safety;
• implementation of legal and technical measures aimed at ensuring safety for all road traffic participants.

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