Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Press-Conference of Head of Passport and Visa Service of the Internal Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia

December 6 - SUKHUM, ABKHAZIA - “90 percent of the republic’s residents have already received the passport of the citizen of the Republic of Abkhazia”, the chief of the Passport and Visa Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia Valery Malia said at a press conference in Sukhum.

According to him, 146 121 passports of the citizen of Abkhazia have been issued for today.

The basic document proving identity has been issued to representatives of all 85 nationalities living in Abkhazia. 73 622 of Abkhaz, 32 363 of Armenians, 17 795 of Russian, 12 156 of Georgians, 2 430 of Ukrainians, 1 500 of Greeks, 2 138 of Abazins are among those who have received passports.
The PVS head specified that 9 910 passports have been issued to the under-18 persons; the number of citizens who do not live in the republic and who have received the document without a residence permit makes 5 759.

Earlier the PVS had no proper office, owing to it, as a result of a technical incident, 8 620 forms of the document were damaged what was registered by a governmental commission, certified and they were deposited.

According to Valery Malia, 365 thousand passports in all have been printed.

An event owing to which the main document of the citizen of the republic was changed occurred in 2003. The ship that was conveying passports from Turkey was seized by Georgian coastguards and 25 thousand forms found themselves at the disposal of the Georgian authorities. “After that incident the leadership of Abkhazia took the decision to make some changes to the passport forms. In particular, if the first lot seized by the Georgian party, has the passport number printed in red, the subsequent lots were printed in dark blue. We also changed the type and made some differences in comparison with the seized lot”, V. Malia specified.

The Service head also said that valid passports samples the citizens of Abkhazia living beyond its bounds have the right to vote with at the presidential elections on December 12 had been sent to the Embassy of Abkhazia in the Russian Federation and the republic’s representative office in Cherkessk.

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