Friday, 12 March 2010

Dieter Boden expressed regret in connection with Vladislav Ardzinba's Death

March 11, SUKHUM, Abkhazia -- On March 11 in first half of the day Dieter Boden met with the President Sergey Bagapsh and the Vice-President Alexander Ankvab.

Within the framework of his informal visit the former Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict Dieter Boden delivered an open lecture on international problems on the Abkhaz State University invitation.

As to the meeting with the deputy Foreign Minister of Abkhazia Daur Kove, according to the press-service, the region’s urgent problems were discussed during the meeting.

Mr. Boden said that, despite his primary activity as a scientist-teacher, he continued taking an interest in the region’s destiny and watched closely the processes on the Southern Caucasus.

Touching upon the issue of the Geneva discussions, Mr. Boden said that in spite of the fact that little progress had been yet achieved in the course of the discussions; nevertheless, the Geneva format remained the most important forum to discuss common problems. “In spite of the fact that each participant of the Geneva discussions aims at nonrenewal of hostilities, all parties adhere to their vision of the problem resolution”, the deputy Foreign Minister declared.

The MFA international department head Lana Agrba said that the main goal of the Geneva consultations was to sign an agreement on the non-use of force, and this document must become the basic legal guarantor of stability in the region.

Mr. Boden said that forming a legal foundation for strengthening relations between the parties it was also important to take into consideration the agreements that had been concluded earlier. It was also mentioned that international guarantors continued to play an important role in strengthening trust.

Mr. Boden was also interested in the situation in the Kodori Valley.

The international department chief said that ICRC continued to render humanitarian aid to the valley’s residents.

Daur Kove stressed that it was very important for the Abkhaz society to maintain relations with Europe in cultural, educational and academic spheres. “Solving a problem connected with the destiny of Abkhazia, it is also important to listen to the Abkhaz side’s opinion”, the deputy Minister said, discussing the cases when citizens of Abkhazia had been refused Schengen visas. Mr. Boden also stressed the importance of solving daily problems while the political settlement was still being delayed.

Discussing the recent document on the problem resolution prepared by Georgia, Dieter Boden said that, despite some unacceptable wordings, the document, nevertheless, contained some interesting remarks. Daur Kove emphasized that the parties’ political will continued to remain an important component of establishing solid relations between the conflicting parties. Until there’s no will, no such documents will help reestablish trust.

Closing the meeting, Mr. Boden pointed to the importance of such meetings which allow to get to know the daily problems and the conflict parties’ opinion in detail, as well as to give corresponding information to other people and institutions interested in resolving the region’s main problems.


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